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  • Javascript
  • Groovy & Grails
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  • Spring
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • UI
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Full-Stack Development

Efficient Cloud Deployments

Frontend &

Project Management

Permanent Roles (2009 - 2018)

Coureon Logistics GmbH


Global Leads Group

  • 06/2011 - 12/2012
  • Freelancer
  • Team Leader Grails Development
  • CTO
  • www.globalleadsgroup.com
  • Investors: Springstar, Holtzbrinck Digital

Affinitas GmbH (eDarling)

  • 05/2009 - 03/2010
  • Java Developer (Frontend & Backend)
  • development using the Stripes framework
  • www.edarling.de
  • a Rocket Internet company

Selected Freelance Projects (2005 - 2014)


Knicket is a highly scalable app search engine running on a Javascript stack on both client and server. It makes searching and discovering mobile apps much easier as there are many filters and sortings for the huge amount of apps distributed by iTunes and Google Play Store. Also it is planned to make the platform an even more interesting resource for app developers, providing more social features.

Artigo Mundo

Artigo Mundo gives Brazilian authors an opportunity to enhance their creativity and writing skills. Articles are published on high traffic portals and usually have a high position in Google's SERPs. The platform was launched also for six additional countries: Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Russia and Italy.

  • finalization and launch of the platform after having received the technical prototype
  • platform running on Grails and Tomcat
  • IT operations
  • team leading

Hamburger Hafen & Logistik AG

Raumagenten GmbH

  • full-stack development using the Grails framework
  • Design: Astrid Höffling
  • www.raumagenten.com

Karrera Klub

Bureau Mario Lombardo

  • Accessing a WordPress Backend using Grails
  • Design: Christian Lange (Bureau Mario Lombardo)
  • www.mariolombardo.com


  • ... is a network of Berlin based freelancers
  • Webdesign for several clients
  • Artwork: Olaf Bastigkeit